popular quotes for strong girl

She Is Clothed With Strength And Dignity; She Can Laugh At The Days To Come.

One Day Someone Is Going To Hug You So Tight, That All Of Your Broken Pieces Fit Back Together.

When Someone Else’s Happiness Is Your Happiness That Is Love.

If A Person Wants To Be A Part Of Your Life, They Will Make An Obvious Effort To Do So. Think Twice Before Reserving A Space In Your Heart For People Who Do Not Make An Effort To Stay.

You Will Forever Be My Always.

Having A Soft Heart In A Cruel World Is Courage, Not Weakness.

What Ever You Decide To Do, Make Sure It Makes You Happy.

I Smile Like An Idiot When I Think About You.

By The Way, I’m Wearing The Smile You Gave Me.

I Knew Who I Was This Morning But I’ve Changed A Few Times Since Then.

She Acts Like Summer & Walks Like Rain.

The Mot Memorable People In Life Will Be The Friends Who Loved You When You Weren’t Very Lovable.

Just A Brunette And A Blonde With An Unbreakable Bond. Best Friends Forever.

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.

How Lucky I Am To Have Something That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard.

Time Decides Who You Meet In Life, Your Heart Decides Who You Want In Your Life, And Your Behaviour Decide Who Stays In Your Life.

Only Those Who Care About You Can Hear You When You’re Quiet.

Apologising Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Wrong And The Other Person Is Right. It Means You Values Relationship More Than Your Ego.

To Live Will Be An Awfully Big Adventure.

It Is Only With The Heart That One Can See Rightly. What Is Essential Is Invisible To The Eye.

Never Apologize For Having High Standards. People Who Really Want To Be In Your Life Will Rise Up To Meet Them.

If You Don’t Know Where You Want To Go, Then It Doesn’t Matter Which Path You Take.

Someday, Everything Will Make Perfect Sense. So For Now, Laugh At The Confusion, Smile Through The Tears, And Keep Reminding Yourself That Everything Happens For A Reason.

Let It All Go. See What Stays.

It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done.

I Have An Insane Calling To Be Where I’m Not.

It Feels Good To Be Lost In The Right Direction.

Don’t Call It A Dream Call It A Plan.

She Needed A Hero. So That’s What She Became.

Failure Is The Opportunity To Being Again More Intelligently.

Sometimes All You Need Is One Person That Shows You That It’s Okay To Let Your Guard Down, Be Yourself, And Love With No Regrets.

Sometimes All You Need Is One Person That Shows You That It’s Okay To Let Your Guard Down, Be Yourself, And Love With No Regrets.

Clear Your Mind of Can’t

Being Someone’s First Love May Be Great, But To Be Their Last Is Beyond Perfect.

She Believed She Could So She Did

Shortest Horror Story Ever: Sold Out

I Am Not A One In A Million Kind Of Girl. I Am One In A Lifetime Kind Of Woman.

So Honey Now Take Me Into Your Loving Arms Kiss Me Under The Light Of A Thousand Stars.

Have I Mentioned Today How Lucky I Am To Be In Love With You?

Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself. Life Is About Creating Yourself.

Clothes Aren’t Going To Change The World, The Women Who Wear Them Will.

If You Obey All The Rules You Miss All The Fun.

Learn The Rules Like A Pro So You Can Break Them Like An Artist.

I Would Rather Regret The Things I Have Done Than The Things I Have Not.

It Is Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been.

I Wish I Could Turn Back The Clock. I’d Find You Sonner And Love You Longer.

You Are Kind. You Are Smart. You Are Important.

Smile. You’re Cute.

Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself.

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